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// GPS Coordinates: N 47.6982414 E 17.73932089 // Street address: 19. Kör tér, H-9027 GYOER, Hungary //

ABOUT / casa del grano

//Apartment Hotel in the old Granary Building

Casa del grano is an object of industrial heritage. A traditionally built empty granary building with distinctive brick facades. It's optimal location, halfways between Vienna and Budapest, 5 minutes from the E75/E60 motorway and 5 minutes from the advanced industrial zone in the city of Gyoer offer an ideal basis to reconsider its future function. Despite of the significant commercial activity in the area, the direct environment of the building is calm, almost rural, providing much sought relaxation for visitors.

//Our vision

Casa del grano - the company - was founded to turn this building into a high quality boutique apartment hotel for discerning guests who appreciate both style and functionality. Founders of the company draw on significant travel experience and understand the difference between mass-placement in large hotels and having the opportunity to feel at home in a more personal suite for extended business stays.


  •   Mr. Gabor VIDAK
  •   +36 (20) 971-2662

//State of the Building

In its present state, the five stories high granary building with its distinctive mid 20th century industrial character is a unique point in a district otherwise offering a calm suburbial skyline.

The last review of the granary facility was conducted in 2011 in frame of the architectural conceptual planning. An assessment of the structural engineer is available in Hungarian language. While the brick facades and outer structural walls are in good condition, much of the inner structure as well as the obsolete slate roofing, doors, windows etc. have to be renovated. The thick outer walls of the building were designed with respect to the high load bearing capacity required by former granary logistics. Therefore the existing structural framework is able to bear the weight of the additionally designed new inner structures of the apartment hotel function.

Due to the existing cellar and its planned utilization as a shared/communal space for the apartment hotel additional waterproofing insulation is necessary below the ground water level. Planning and preliminary architectural cost calculation for the project includes both the inner reorganization and extension of the building as well as state of the art heating, engineering and electrical systems for the whole facility.

CONCEPT / Architecture

It was already clear at the beginning of the design process that we wish to keep the distinctive visual elements, like the brick facade, the steel door and window frames as well as the original functional balconies and ladders. Moreover we aim to strengthen their presence with the material choice for the newly added components. On the other hand it was an important goal to create a state of the art apartman house confirming to the technology of the 21st century. We fulfilled this goal by the following components:

// With respect to thermal engineering principles we designed parameters exceeding the requirements of regulations, based on inner side thermal insulation and water vapor blocking. The inner side insulation ensures that the external brick features of the building remain untouched.

// We provide modern artifical ventillation in both the individual apartments and the shared spaces to ensure overall wellbeing and condensation control.

// Natural airing and solar exposure of the apartments is safeguarded.

// Individual metering of the apartment units is provided for facility management.

// Green technologies are considered by the utilization of an air-heatpump and solar panels. The heatpump operates in combination with low temperature surface heating avoiding the emission of pollutants.


lead architect

    3h architecture

    //Functional considerations

    In order to efficiently utilize internal space for the apartments, a unique internal access layout was developed, minimizing corridor area. A staircase with elevator is constructed in the north-east corner, providing access to the basement, ground floor and 2nd floor of the building.

    By the proposed layout the individual apartments are either accessible from the ground floor or from the 2nd floor with most units being internally divided to an upper and lower level. Ground floor apartments provide direct access to the garden and showcase the characteristic brick and dark grey metal surfaces of the building even internally. First floor apartments connect to a roof terrace while the top level apartments are enriched with the spaciousness provided by the elevated roof. Generous windows distribution ensures vivid natural lighting for each apartment.

    High service level is supported by a shared basement space for breakfast, meetings and event organization. The sauna and laundry room is also located here. The layout provides the extension option by an in-house wellness area.




    Average Apartment Size (sq.m)


    Total area (sq.m)


    Area for rent (sq.m)

    LAYOUTS / casa del grano

    APARTMENTS / casa del grano

    Apartment GF Fl.1 Fl.2 Fl.3 Area Garden Connection Roof Terrace Attic
    Apartment 1. X X 53.5 sg.m Yes Yes
    Apartment 2. X 56.9 sg.m Yes
    Apartment 3. X 63.2 sg.m Yes
    Apartment 4. X 49.4 sg.m Yes
    Apartment 5. X X 41.8 sg.m Yes
    Apartment 6. X X 40.0 sg.m Yes
    Apartment 7. X X 40.0 sg.m Yes
    Apartment 8. X X 40.0 sg.m Yes
    Apartment 9. X X 39.4 sg.m Yes
    Apartment 10. X X 48.3 sg.m Yes
    Apartment 11. X X 50.2 sg.m Yes
    Apartment 12. X X 50.2 sg.m Yes
    Apartment 13. X X 50.2 sg.m Yes